Storm Damage in Rochester, NY

Believe your home has suffered storm damage? To protect your home from further damage, call Long Construction as soon as possible.

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The Importance of Calling a Contractor

As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to show your insurance company all of the damage to your home. It's not the insurance company's responsibility to find damage. Often times, insurance companies do the most economical plan for covering damage on your home, not always following building code as it should be. If you do not know today's building codes, how will you be able to protect yourself?

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At Long Construction, we will come to your home, assess the damage, and create a detailed report. We will let you know if our findings allow us to believe you have a legitimate claim. Unlike other contractors, that only occasionally take these projects, we have a dedicated team that handles insurance claims, and we work with all insurance carriers.

After Filing A Claim

After Claim

When you file a claim, your insurance company will call you and set up a time to inspect your home. Make sure you get your claim number!

A member of our team will be present for the insurance inspection. We want to ensure the scope of work is covered.

If our team feels the estimate provided by the insurance company is not correct, we will send in supplemental information, and building codes to back up your claim.

Other factors may require additional steps, such as a repair test, lab test, or more.

Once the scope of work is finalized, we will complete the work included in the quote from your insurance company. You will only pay your deductible.

Storm Damage Dents

When your roof has endured storm damage, it can appear in many different ways. Look for missing shingles or siding on the exterior of your home. It may be hard to view all sides of your house, so look for roof or shingle debris on the ground of your property.

You may also see dented siding or roofing from hailstorms. Additionally, storm damage can be seen from the interior of the home from water spots or leaking on the ceiling. When your home experiences storm damage, you may see all of these marks of damage, or only one. If you suspect storm damage, no matter the severity, contact us today.

Take the Stress Out of Storm Damage Repair

These are only some things you need to know as a homeowner regarding your rights with a storm damage claim. The insurance process can be daunting, but we promise our full effort and commitment to get your claim resolved, and your home back to pre-storm conditions.

While we are not licensed public adjusters or an attorney, we can recommend some if needed. Please note, that there are often time frames to file a claim and have that claim completed, ranging from 1 to 2 years. This is why we encourage you to act fast as soon as you believe there may be damage!

Take the Stress Out of Storm Damage Repair
Long Construction

Let Long Construction take the stress out of insurance claims for you.

Call us today if you believe your home may have endured storm damage!

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