Breathtaking designs are what you see at first glance, but underneath are layers of pure protection. A DECRA roof is a piece of beauty that offers peace of mind.

  • WIND:Warrantied up to 120 mph
  • HAIL:Hail Stone Penetration Warranty
  • STEELAluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating
  • SNOW AND ICE:Non-porous, freeze and thaw resistant
Classic Cobblestone
Midnight Eclipse
Natural Slate
Old Hickory
Woodland Green

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Decra Metal Roofing

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Decra Brochure

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Strength Against The Elements

While the lower initial cost of heavyweight shingles makes them popular, the need to replace them every 10-12 years nullifies the expense advantage. While shingles may be a cost-effective option for short-term, budget-constrained projects such as flipping an older, lower market house for profit, they are rarely an option for the elegant home which is intended to be the sustainable, low-maintenance, centerpiece of the estate for decades.

DECRA metal roofing shingles feature thick-cut edges to provide the same dimensionality of a heavy architectural shingle. The lightweight characteristic means that the need for a complete tear-off of the existing roof material isn’t necessary in many cases. Protective layers and a unique DECRA interlocking system add shear strength and wind resistance.


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